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Typical industry solution from benchmarking enterprise
iQstest provides assistance for the automatic gain control of surveillance cameras, automatic white balance adjustment, backlight compensation, day and night mode and electronic shutter in the security surveillance field.
Digital Lens
Digital Lens
iQstest provides a comprehensive provideance output and more intuitive analysis of image quality parameters for digital lens image quality testing.
Machine Vision
Machine Vision
iQstest provides basic image quality testing for image capture quality evaluation, image preprocessing, feature processing and quality evaluation, image processing and analysis software development during the machine vision research and development stage, which greatly shortens the project cycle.
Intelligent Traffic
Intelligent Traffic
iQstest provides basic image quality testing for applications such as license plate recognition, path identification and tracking, obstacle recognition, driver status monitoring, and driver vision enhancement in the intelligent traffic field.
Automotive Imaging
Automotive Imaging
iQstest works with standard test light sources and various image test charts to provide comprehensive image quality testing in automotive image industry such as auxiliary driving camera, automotive rear-view camera and panoramic camera.
Medical Imaging
Medical Imaging
iQstes works with standard test light sources and various image test charts to achieve the test requirements of medical image industry for high-definition image quality, true color reproduction and real-time image transmission.
Face Recognition
Face Recognition
iQstest provides accurate image quality analysis for image quality assessment, image capture, image preprocessing, etc. in the field of face recognition technology.
iQstest provides image quality test for UAV image capture, image processing, video enhancement, image electronic scaling and other image module development.
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