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Introduction for enterprises
    • 1.What are the advantages of iQstest?
      iQstest software integrates a variety of image quality testing modules, supports Windows and Linux across platforms, and may support mobile terminals in the future. The design is simple and intuitive, and easy to learn; Support for customization functions and industrial automation.
    • 2.What are the features of iQstest?
      There are three features: Tool set: iQstest provides more than 10 application modules, covering the daily work requirements of image testing. Add custom-made charts: add custom-made test charts image, identify ROI(Region of Interest) and corresponding configuration and analysis modules of ROI, establish new customized projects. Industrial automation: automatically link test equipment and control equipment to take photos, identify ROI and corresponding configuration and analysis modules of ROI, and establish customized automation projects.
    • 3.What functions can iQstest provide?
      iQstest integrates more than 10 application modules, which can achieve various application scenarios in image quality test. At the same time, we can also provide image test charts and test light source environment, allowing you to experience the speed of iQstest.
    • 4.What is the service time?
      Hotline: 400-666-2522 Time: 8am-6pm from Monday to Friday
    • 5.What is the main function of iQstest?
      iQstest is mainly used for image quality testing. At present, it integrates more than 10 common testing functions, such as color reproduction, resolution, gray scale, dynamic range, angle of vision, distortion, white balance and other testing tools.
    • 6. Can iQstest be customized according to business needs?
      At present, we have planned the customized business according to users' needs, and we will listen to users' opinions and suggestions, and constantly improve and upgrade the existing functions.


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