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White balance test
  • The white balance test module can complete the color deviation of the gray card or whiteboard. Currently only manual selection of test areas is supported.

    Steps for usage:

    1. Select the corresponding button on the main interface to enter the parameter setting interface, as shown in Figure 3.7.1.

    Parameter Settings 
    Figure 3.7.1 Parameter Settings

    2. Click the “确认” button, pop-up picture selection box, select the picture and enter the area frame selection interface (Fig. 3.7.2)

    Area Selection 
    Figure 3.7.2 Area Selection

    3. After the selection is finished, enter the fine-tuning interface. If you do not need to fine-tune, click “Start Analysis”.

    4. Waiting for calculation results

    1.1.1. Results display

    The sample results are as follows:

    Figure 3.7.3 Results


    1. Label description: The selection box is from left to right and top to bottom, followed by the number 19~*.

    2. Description of results: the color deviation value of each sub-block relative to the standard color;


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