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  • TvLine is similar to the use of SFR, except that you select “Wedgeline Test” on the configuration page, then perform image loading and roi selection. The roi standard of TvLine is as follows:

     tvline ROI选取标准

    Figure 3.2.1 tvline ROI selection criteria

    After selecting roi, the analysis page will pop up automatically:

    tvline fine-tuning 
    Figure 3.2.2 tvline fine-tuning

    As can be seen from Figure 3.2.2, similar to SFR, it is divided into three sections: the left side is the fine-tuning control area, the middle is the ROI image display area, and the right side is the control area. When the ROI is not specified, the fine-tuning function can be used to adjust the ROI position. And size, so that it meets the standard, then set "wedge line type (wedge line number)", "wedge line direction (wide direction)", here to pay attention to the correct choice, or will pop up an error box, click "start analysis" , you can get the ultimate clear resolution (unit: LW / PH):

    tvline results 
    Figure 3.2.3 Tvline results


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