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Gray scale test
  • The grayscale test module can complete the grayscale test of the grayscale card (20th order, 11th order or 9th order). Please refer to the given sample diagram for details. Currently only manual selection of test areas is supported.

    Steps for usage:

    1. Select the corresponding button on the main interface to enter the function module.

    Parameter Settings

    Figure 3.6.1 Parameter Settings

    2. Click the OK button and the image selection box will pop up to enter the area frame selection interface (Fig. 3.6.2).

    Checking the area 
    Figure 3.6.2 Checking the area

    3. After the selection, enter the fine-tuning interface, fine-tune the interface (Figure 3.6.3)

    Figure 3.6.3 Schematic diagram of the fine-tuning interface operation

    Figure 3.6.3 Fine-tuning operation interface gives the fine-tuning step, 345 steps have no order; if the fine-tuning is completed once, you need to adjust other boxes, please double-click to select the box to be adjusted, all the last selected boxes will be automatically cleared. (ie red is restored), and the currently selected box will turn blue to indicate that it has been selected; after the trimming is finished, or if you do not need to fine-tune click "Start Analysis"; if you do not want to continue or want to adjust the "outside maximum box" Click “Resampling”; the single frame can be accurately framed in the area frame selection interface, so the software is designed to have only one frame that cannot be fine-tuned; the operation of the fine-tuning interface of the distortion module, 24-color module, and white balance module is also referred to. Description.

    4. Waiting for calculation results

    5. Close the calculation result

    Method 1: You can click the 'x' in the upper left corner of each result page to close it;

    Method 2: Double-click any position in the red box on the Analysis page. At this point, all result pages are closed and the red check box is cleared.

    Method 3: Close the Analysis page and close all results pages.

    If the picture has already been run, you will want to check the box again and a dialog box will pop up, as shown in Figure 3.6.4. To exit, please close the Analysis page. The same applies to the distortion module, the 24-color module, and the white balance module.

    Re-calculate the box again 
    Figure 3.6.4 Re-calculate the box again

    Result display

    The sample results are as follows

    Figure 3.6.5 Results


    1. Grayscale card model YE0108

    2. The meaning of the content items on the diagram is shown in English;

    3. Description of related symbols:

    Gamma: Contrast (same as 24 colors)
    Std Output Sensitivity (Ssos): Standard Output Sensitivity
    ISO Sensitivity (Ssat): Saturation-based ISO sensitivity
    SNR: Signal to Noise Ratio
    Local Contrast: Local Contrast
    Density Response: Density Response
    Dynamic Range: Dynamic Range


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