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Color reproduction test
  • The color reproduction test module can complete the color reproduction, grayscale, white balance and other tests of each block in the 24-color card. Support manual and automatic, manual use is recommended.

    Steps for usage:

    1. Select the corresponding button on the main interface to enter the function module.

    Parameter Settings

    Figure 3.8.1 Parameter Settings

    1. After clicking the OK button, select the map ('Automatic' without step 3)

    2. After selecting the area, enter the fine-tuning interface. Refer to the gray-scale operation instructions for the operation of the fine-tuning interface.

    3. Waiting for calculation results

    1.1.1. Results display

    The sample results are as follows:

    `Automatic` analysis results

    Figure 3.8.2 'Automatic' analysis results


    1. Selection requirements: the picture can not appear too much, too much noise point

    2. Label description: from top left to bottom right, line by line traversal is from 1 to 24

    3. Automatic analysis results page is not recommended

     `Manual` analysis results - color reproduction

    Figure 3.8.3 'Manual' analysis results - color reproduction

       ‘`Manual` analysis results - white balance error

    Figure 3.8.4 'Manual' analysis results - white balance error

    Figure 3.8.5 `Manual` analysis results - color shift data   

    Figure 3.8.5 'Manual' analysis results - color shift data

     `Manual` analysis results - grayscale deviation
    Figure 3.8.6 'Manual' analysis results - grayscale deviation
    `Manual` analysis results - Grayscale results 
    Figure 3.8.7 'Manual' analysis results - Grayscale results (incomplete)


    1. Manual module results are perfect

    2. Features (eg noise analysis) to be developed

    3. Recommended manual

    4. Description of related symbols:

    Target density: Density value
    Log Exposure: Exposure Log10, equal to the opposite of the density value
    Pixel Level: Gray value of the pixel point
    Gamma: Contrast, defined as Log (Exposure) - Log (Pixel Level / 255) curve slope average
    exposure error: exposure bias unit: F-stops
    1st the order:. 1 order
    2nd order: 2-order
    Nominal: theoretical density associated with Pixel Level / 255
    WB error: error balance error WhiteBalance
    exaggerated white Balance error: exaggerated white Balance error
    K [Mireds]: Color temperature difference Mireds = 106 / (Degrees K)
    Mean Camera Chroma (saturation): average camera chromaticity (saturation)
    Color errors: color difference
    Chroma corr: corrected color difference
    Chroma uncorr: no correction Color difference
    Mean: Average value
    Max: Maximum value
    W Bal: White balance error
    Zones 2-5: Only 2-5 blocks of
    sRGB (D65) of the last line are considered : color space sRGB (color temperature 6500K). Only supports a color temperature of 6500K, 5000K to be developed Ideal: Reference
    Camera: Camera Measurement


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